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Sisters On Track is a Netflix Original Documentary that touches upon themes such as the power of education, sports building confidence in girls, the importance of empowering youth and communities, the transformational impact of mentorship, gender diversity in sports, the power of communal care and support for single mothers as well as racial and economic justice.

Sisters on Track will uplift and support the voices of communities of women and girls educated and empowered through sports and mentorship. Via our targeted impact campaign powered by Colgate Womens Games, our hope is that the film will give people a greater understanding of the value of mentorship and coaching through sports, inspiring more people to fulfill this role in their communities, participate in clubs like the Jeuness Track Club and play a role in enabling a brighter future for our children.


Colgate Women’s Games, proud title sponsor of the film’s impact campaign, is the largest amateur track & field series in the United States open to all young women from elementary school through college and beyond. Colgate Women’s Games was developed to instill a strong sense of personal achievement and self-esteem in young women while championing the importance of education. Participants compete in a series of preliminary events culminating at the finals, where top performers earn grants-in-aid from Colgate-Palmolive Company.


The Jeuness Track Club Inc. (pronounced joo-ness) is a grass roots community-based track club for girls, founded in 1985.  The Jeuness Track Club was established to afford young girls an opportunity to grow in the sport of Track and Field while excelling in academic achievement and life experiences. The club is headquartered in Bedford-Stuyvesant/Crown Heights areas of Brooklyn for girls ages 5-17.  Our goal is to assist girls in becoming accomplished athletes, able to move on to the collegiate level and complete their education with the aid of athletic scholarships.


Through our impact campaign, we are running on Three Lanes: Mentorship, Education and Athletics, with a focus on each on youth. We want to ignite critical conversations and inspire others to give back, take action and pay it forward.


At the heart of this story is belief, belief in one another and in ourselves. We do better, we have more concrete goals, and we find accountability within ourselves when someone believes in us. More importantly that belief from others can help us develop a strong sense of self and confidence, so that no matter what happens, be it success or failure, we have the grit and tools to press on. This is why MENTORSHIP is such a key element to growth for young people.


As Coach Jean Bell says, “EDUCATION is the key.” Education is a fundamental human right. Every child deserves access to resources and opportunities that help them in becoming well-informed, improve their overall health, and expose them to people and experiences which can have a positive impact on their lives.


Young people, specifically girls, who are involved in ATHLETICS feel better about themselves, both physically and socially. Being involved in athletics helps them build their confidence, improve their skills, and helps them reach their goals. Athletics also helps build a sense of camaraderie and sense of responsibility.

Sisters on Track starts out as a flashy success story about headline-making kids but turns into something much more meaningful: a tribute to the value of being strong in spirit.” – Christian Science Monitor

We don’t just train the girls to run track, we teach them about life. We want them all to grow up to be mature educated young women who will have something to offer the world. It doesn’t have to be on a grand scale, but if you start with that goal in mind, you never know where it will take you.” — Jean Bell, Head Coach Jeuness Track Club

You are a shining example of what we can all do, how to do it better, be a better mother, be a better parent, be a better friend, be a better coach.” — Whoopi Goldberg, The View

There’s power in giving voice to who you want to be.” Building resources on the road of finding mentorship.” — – Eve Hemby, Corporate Partnerships Manager at Big Brothers Big Sisters of America


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