Denver Arts & Venues Screening + Panel


September 17, 2022 | Coach Jean Bell, Corinne van der Borch and Shanon Heckethorn participated in a panel discussion in Denver, Colorado sponsored by the Denver Arts & Venues. The campaign continues to support the voices of women and girls who are educated and empowered through sports and mentorship, inspiring more people to fulfill mentorship and coaching roles in their communities. Special thanks to Stephanie Rance, moderator for the event and co-founder of Run&Shoot Filmworks and the Martha’s Vineyard African American film festival. Also joining the panel was Carol Bower, Executive Director of Girls Athletic Leadership Schools of Denver, the first and only tuition-free, public, all-girls college preparatory schools in Denver and Colorado. To learn more visit, and Lauren Pietrek, Marketing and Development Director Girls on the Run® of the Rockies which is a physical activity-based positive youth development (PA-PYD) program designed to develop and enhance girls’ social, psychological, and physical competencies to successfully navigate life experiences. To learn more visit Watch the recorded live panel on Facebook.




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